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Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Malagasy, Madagascar floura, Madagascar Fauna, lemurs, Antananarivo, Madagascar food

Forget everything the film for the top 10 reasons to visit Madagascar for this list we're taking a look at why you should add Madagascar to your bucket list. A charming destination with very different diverse plants, foods, culture and of course animals.
So we bring you a list of 10 best reasons to explore Madagascar.

10. Malagasy 

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Malagasy, Madagascar floura, Madagascar Fauna, lemurs, Antananarivo, Madagascar food

Anyone who's eternally taken a tour to the Caribbean or Southeast Asia is possible well-versed in the idea of island duration, generously in Madagascar it's referred to as Malagasy time and it's not even a telling it's a direction of life. Essentially Malagasy time means that things run a little slower on the Earth's fourth-largest island hurry is not a part of the limited glossary and society manage to be extra laid-back in their day-long approaches. A journey to Madagascar indicates that you'll get to feel this delightful traditional exhibition firsthand.

9. Flora

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Malagasy, Madagascar floura, Madagascar Fauna, lemurs, Antananarivo, Madagascar food

For maximum population knowledge of Madagascar's flora begins and expires with the world-famous baobab trees. The country's magnificent natural skyscrapers that tower over the landscape, however, the nation is residence to more than 12,000 plant variety building it one of the vastly biodiverse spots on the earth. It's been estimated that 96% of Madagascan plants are endemic, this represents that several species of the plants originate on Madagascar are not be found elsewhere on the planet. Whole plant families are endemic to the island giving rise to a very unique distinct spot of natural glamour that you want to glimpse to understand.

8. Fauna

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Madagascar Fauna, lemurs,

Similar to its flora, Madagascar's wide array of Wildlife consists primarily of endemic species both can be attributed to the fact that the landmass has been isolated from its continental neighbours for roughly 70 million years. An important category of creatures that are born to Madagascar includes the fossa the large rat Malagasy, lemurs and actually 100's of variety of birds, vipers, mammals and freshwater marine life. Lemurs have become synonymous with the country and a trip to Madagascar isn't complete without visiting lemurs park in the city of Antananarivo, in fact, all 100 species of lemur are only seen into Madagascar, probably that's why they maintained such a vast role in the characteristic movie sequence of the exact word.

7. Food

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Madagascar food

Malagasy cuisine is the byproduct of its French colonial history, geography, trade and migration these four pillars have shaped the country's diverse culinary scene which will both shock and delight your taste buds. Famous tacks contain zebu flesh prepared from a rare cow that fleck Madagascar's terrain which is frequently served in stews or grilled on a skewer and Roma Sava a braised flesh food particular with tomatoes meshed,  with ginger and garlic. You'll find plenty of spices coconut, rice, cassava and beans peppered throughout Malagasy cuisine, making for a national culinary culture that's diverse and oh so tasty and for those of you wishing to catch the perfect social image of your food do not bother Malagasy foods are as visually rich as they are tasty.

6. It's an adventure getaway

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Malagasy, Madagascar floura, Madagascar Fauna, lemurs, Antananarivo, Madagascar food

If you're making the journey all the way to Madagascar you really want to make the most of your time there and in Madagascar, that means exploring its natural wonders. Adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular and to keep up Madagascar now offers multiple tour options for adrenaline junkies looking to get off the beaten path. Form trekking and rafting expeditions through the perronnette Nature Reserve to a 14-day off-roading tour that takes you deep into the heart of the nation's various terrain Madagascar has no scarcity of choices for your exploration holiday with so several endemic (not founded anywhere) variety of plants and animals getting up close and personal with them should be on everyone's Madagascar bucket list.

5. Malagasy culture

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Malagasy, Madagascar Culture

Years of trade and migration with its East African, Arab and Southeast Asian neighbours as well as decades of French colonial rule have diversified Malagasy culture making it unique yet strangely familiar in some regards. While the important boroughs have watched a change to the extra western style dishes and apparel in current years belief is active and nicely in the rural regions, however, you'll find both women and men wearing Lambos a coat worn round the core dining Roma Sava and enjoying the valley ha throughout the nation. Sport remains an important part of everyday life in the country as well with meringue II a form of hand-to-hand combat and the boardgame fan Aronia both being immensely popular.

4. it's affordable

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Madagascar Market

Madagascar is slowly becoming more accessible to travellers despite its limited infrastructure there are now regular flights to and from the country with a round-trip flight during the low season going for you nearly $800 from Europe and $1,200 from the United States. Inside the country, still, your cash runs much much further hiring personal vehicle and motorist for the day will just fix you second 50$ while the regular expense of food is 4$. You can also normally get a lodge for as little as 20 to 60 $ a night but there are also flounce resorts where you can handily pay broadly extra that living said Madagascar is a quite cheap location to yours.

3. Antananarivo

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Antananarivo,

Madagascar's capital city is a vibrant microcosm for the entire country it's a place where you can experience history, culture, nature and culinary delights all in a single day. From the Magnificent Trova of Antananarivo, a royal palace built in the 17th century and the eclectic mixture of French colonial and Malagasy architecture to the musty tradition of here Agassi an all-day event comprised of music and dancing Antonina Revo is the beating heart of Madagascar the previously mentioned lemurs park is a must-visit as is the croc ranch, where you can't obtain to see the Nile crocodile and numerous different species of animals. For the sceneries and smells of the nation's glamorous location be obvious to tour on the decent market an entertainment if fairly unsettled occasion that will amaze your feelings.

2. National Parks

Best 10 Reasons to Explore Madagascar, Madagascar National Park

From undeceived mountain di'ja national park and its lemur population to Amber Mountain National Park and its plethora of picturesque waterfalls, Madagascar is teeming with spots of immense natural glamour just staying to be travel. In 1992 musician Deborah famous ancient Nature Reserve and National Park have announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site due in part to its unique limestone cliff arrangements which are as spectacular as they are risky. One of the best places to go for a hike is a silo national park covering an area of 314 square miles the park is noted for its dry terrains, valleys, extraordinary stone arrangements and of course for its lemur vast population.

1. It's off the beaten track

Similar to Iceland and New Zealand before it, Madagascar is an isolated island that is gradually evolving into a tourist zone. Still, the nation's tourism crash is still very vastly in its beginning which tells that several of its decent locations have yet to be invaded by selfie-stick fluttering tourists jostling for the best profile pic. There's a purity to visiting this far-off land of lemurs and baobab trees an experience in the not so distant future, for now, there's limited infrastructure spotty Wi-Fi and you will not find a McDonalds anywhere on the island if that doesn't get your travel juices flowing we do not know what we'll do you agree with our picks.

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