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The Top 5 Beautiful Places in Italy

Top 5 Beautiful Italy cities

The Top 5 Beautiful Places in Italy, Italy, Venice, Rome, Milan, Verona, Florence

Italy is one of the most beautiful and lovely European country and almost every travel lover have Italy cities in his or her bucket list. Why not? Italy has a great scenic place, Western culture, lots of ancient and historic sites, cuisine, museums and of course romantic lifestyle.

So here was our 5 pick up cities which have its own speciality and should see if you visit in Italy.

 1. Rome

The Top 5 Beautiful Places in Italy, Rome, Rome Colosseum, Ancient Colosseum, capital of Italy, Milan, Verona, Florence

Rome is the capital of Italy and of course, a marvellous city you firstly visit will in Italy. It is famous for their ancient monuments, beautiful fountains, art museums, food dishes and many Renaissance palaces. And also one of the most iconic sites in the world ancient Colosseum is also here. Rome has beautiful nightlife, restaurants and a beautiful place to spend time.

2. Venice

The Top 5 Beautiful Places in Italy, Italy, Venice, Venice water city, Rome, Milan, Verona, Florence

Venice is a very unique city which is built on the water on the lagoon. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Italy most of the couples plan their wedding trip here. Venice top visitors attraction is Saint Mark's Square and fabulous Saint Mark's Church. There are many museums, churches, palaces, the bars and restaurants and many Venice's canals to visit which are very enchanting.

3. Florence

The Top 5 Beautiful Places in Italy, Italy, Florence, Michelangelo's David, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, capital of Tuscany region

Florence is a very gorgeous place and one of the most important architecture and Renaissance art centre. Every year Florence attracts millions of people to visit and see many famous paintings and sculptures in museums including sculptures like Michelangelo's " David" and Botticelli's "Birth of Venus". Duomo is most crowded with visitors in Florence. Florence is the capital of Italy's Tuscany region. It's is a gateway for Tuscany cities for exploring.

4. Milan

The Top 5 Beautiful Places in Italy, Italy, Milan, Milan Gothic Duomo, wealthiest city, Leonaldo Da Vinci's the last supper painting

Milan a city of fashion and design is one of Europe's wealthiest city. Milan is famous for its stunning galleries, shops and restaurants. Milan has a great artistic heritage. It's Gothic Duomo is very fabulous and magnificent which is made full of marbles. La Scala one of the world's most famous opera house is here. The major attractions in Milan for visitors is Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" painting.

5. Verona

The Top 5 Beautiful Places in Italy, Italy Verona, Romeo and Juliet story, Willam Shakespeare, UNESCO World Heritage site, castle complex

Verona is known for the famous Romeo and Juliet story by William Shakespeare. My visitors are attracted towards Verona due to Willam Shakespeare worldwide famous Romeo and Juliet story. Verona is also a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO because of its architecture and structure. Verona also has a castle complex for shopping.

Truly Italy is for real lover it has many beautiful cities, culture and many more. I hope you like this " The Top 5 Best Cities in Italy" article have a great time.

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